Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Elite Series Rey with lightsaber and BB-8

One of the most popular aspects of Star Wars collecting is the action figures, and on September 4th, 2015 for Force Friday, Disney introduced the “Elite Series” figure line. Jason, Amanda, Ron, and I collect these figures and I wanted to give all of you a look at one of the recent figures, Rey with Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber and BB-8. These figures are completely made of die-cast material mixed in with some plastic pieces like their weapons or some of their clothes. First up, let’s take a look at the weapons Rey comes with:

Rey comes with a backpack, the blaster Han Solo gave her, her quarterstaff, and Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber (not pictured). The detail on the weapons themselves is pretty good with some noticeable weathering painted on. The staff has a strap attached to it so it’s easy to put around Rey’s shoulder. The backpack is decent, but it’s a little difficult to try to put it on Rey. The lightsaber looks exactly like the way it does in the films, though you want to make sure that you don’t detach it from Rey’s hand with the elastic band, as it’ll be nearly impossible for her to hold it after. Somehow I managed to have my Rey hold the saber, but I know it will not be like that for everyone.




This BB-8 figure is one of the better released BB-8 merchandise thus far. The first question I see a lot of people asking is “How does BB-8 stand up without rolling away?” Well, it would seem that they have made the very bottom of BB-8 more heavy than the rest of the figure, which is actually a update from the first Elite Series BB-8 that came out on Force Friday. The detail on BB-8 is incredible–they have painted him to look like he has been on Jakku, as you can tell as there are spurts of sand throughout the figure. His head only moves 360 degrees one way. The one complaint I do have with this one is this: there was a previous BB-8 and Rey that came out on Force Friday, except Rey did not come with Skywalker’s lightsaber, and BB-8 was the exact same figure that we get here. In my opinion, if Disney plans to re-release a set, it should be more updated than just a lightsaber. BB-8 should have had his arms out like we see in the movie to make it a bit more different than the first set. Maybe even include the piece to the map of the location of Luke Skywalker from the film. That being said, BB-8 still gets a rating of 9/10 stars from me.



I personally think that this is the best Rey action figure we have gotten from any company so far, and I am not including the Hot Toys figures in there as those are more high-end collectible items. The first thing that I notice right away with this figure is the amazing likeness of Daisy Ridley. Many other companies have not been able to nail the headsculpt or likeness of Daisy at all and I feel that this figure captures that to the best that it possibly can. This is actually also a updated facial sculpt then the first release of Rey back in September; the first release of Rey has a more serious expression, this one has more of a charming smile.  Much like the BB-8, Rey has Jakku sand painted on throughout the figure, although it would have been cool if she had snow painted on instead as the scene where Rey uses the saber is on Starkiller Base. As far as articulation goes, she is fully posable with multiple points of articulation. An issue some people have with the figure is that the screw holes on the back of the figure are not painted, it’s left where you can still see the screws. If you are a Rey fan, this is a figure you are going to want to pick up. She is still avaible on so if you want her make sure to order her ASAP before she sells out again. Rey gets a 9/10 rating from me.

The Packaging   

The packaging is very important for mint in box collectors! If the packaging looks ugly, it will automatically look bad; however, the Elite Series packaging is one of the best I have seen for 6″ scale figures. The one gripe I have is that there is no actual picture of the character on the front or back of the package, so it would be cool if they added that for future releases. Packaging gets a 9/10.

So that’s about it for the Star Wars Elite Series Rey with lightsaber BB-8! As I said earlier she’s still available on; the figure recently went back in stock after being out of stock for a few weeks. Stay tuned for more product reviews here on the site in the near future!

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