Concept artist working on Rogue One and two untitled Star Wars films

On Instagram the super-talented artist Andrée Wallin shared this concept of Starkiller Base that he created for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

When asked if he was working on Star Wars: Episode VIII, he replied:

There’s a chance he’s just talking about the Han Solo and Boba Fett Anthology/Star Wars Story films. But generally those are just referred to by their working titles so this could be an indication of two other films in production we really don’t know about yet. Let’s not get too excited about that prospect just yet, but that might not really be the case. With recent Disney earnings reports breaking records thanks to the Star Wars acquisition, I would honestly be surprised if we didn’t see the rumors that there will be two films every other year with one film in between pan out. Either way, that’s three new Star Wars films mentioned in one comment and that’s awesome. It could be Rogue One, Han Solo, and Boba Fett or Rogue One and two new films being developed which are unannounced.

I am a big fan of Andrée Wallin’s work and I suggest you check out his official site here. I think fans are really grateful the best of the best are working on something we all love so much and it is in such talented hands.

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