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Star Wars: Episode VIII Ceann Sibéal and Dubrovnik filming updates


There is a lot of movement for location shooting regarding Star Wars: Episode VIII right now. There is activity in both Kerry and Dubrovnik to discuss. Movie Bit has some information on the types of locations they shoot for Star Wars: Episode VIII will require and what they plan to film in Kerry/Ceann Sibéal:

Walk Talk and More

So two characters will walk and talk, one will observe the landscape, and then there’s the main filming area which is to be a village. That is probably where the beehive hut replicas will be placed (but that’s just a guess).

In other Star Wars: Episode VIII news, our friend Vladimir in Dubrovnik has shared this interesting tidbit with us:

Also, I’ve been told that residents in the city center are asked to leave the lights on during the night, between 3.09. and 3.16. which I find interesting.

It sounds like the shoot is probably supposed to look like dawn. Vladimir also says they’re going to be filming at Onofrio’s Fountain:

Onofrio's fountain

Thanks to Movie Bit and Vladimir for the information!

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