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Star Wars: Episode VIII & Poe’s Clothes description plus info on the Dern/Leia situation

Potential spoilers below from Star Wars: Episode VIII. Read on at your own risk and do not share the details openly on social media as to spoil anyone accidentally.
Star Wars Episode VIII Completes Day 1 Filming!

If you’re like me, Poe Dameron is one of your favorite new Star Wars characters. Pretty much everything about Poe has been really cool so far and I’m looking forward to seeing his further adventures in Star Wars: Episode VIII. 

We recently got a glimpse of Poe Dameron’s Star Wars: Episode VIII costume. This is Poe’s resistance costume, not his X-wing pilot outfit (or there would be even less to say about it). In all honesty, it’s very much the same costume he wore in The Force Awakens opening at Tuanul Village in the Kelvin Ravine. The easiest way to describe the costume is to take Poe’s costume from the opening of The Force Awakens and amend it slightly in color and give it a new jacket. The pants and boots appear to the same for the most part. In my brief look, I didn’t see anything that stands out about them from last time.

His undershirt is the same style as The Force Awakens; the V-cut at the neck might be a little deeper cut than last time (but it’s more or less the same). Poe’s shirt is a grayish light blue (my wife says the color is “stone”). His leather jacket is from the Han Solo collection. It might be described as a “cafe racer jacket” but it’s not tight-fitting. They clearly shop at the same space store. It really reminds me of the leather jacket Han wears in The Force Awakens. Han’s jacket looks more black in color whereas Poe’s new coat is more “espresso” but with the glossy leather shine being identical. It appears to have a flap or breast pocket (I couldn’t identify if it was functional or not). The leather of Poe’s new jacket is really similar to Han’s jacket in The Force Awakens but it stands up higher on the neck and the lapels stick out a little more.

The new costume really reminds me of Han Solo meets Indiana Jones. Both of the jackets in The Force Awakens have some kind of tech on the left breast pocket area but the new Poe jacket doesn’t have anything in the iterations I have glimpsed. With the higher collar it certainly is the coolest of the jackets so far and that’s saying a lot considering these two bad boys from the last film:

The Force Awakens.
The Force Awakens
The Force Awakens




















We were also able to dig a bit in the Latino Review story we referenced a few days ago as well and it seems spot-on. I was told:

  • Laura Dern is a leader of the Resistance.
  • Leia’s ship is ambushed and she is blasted through space.
  • Leia ends up in a coma.
  • Laura Dern’s character then takes over Resistance command, but makes things far worse.
  • With this in mind, Poe takes control of the situation and becomes the interim leader of the Resistance.
  • In regards to the way Dern is portrayed, we are meant to not be sure if she is good or bad.

With all of that drama going on, it’s a good thing Poe looks like a badass in his new duds. I’m curious how big of a role General Leia will play in the next film as well. I kind of doubt she’s out of it for the entire movie. I speculate it is a good opportunity for Leia to come back at the end of the film but with Poe having proven himself as the future of the Resistance. Maybe Leia and Finn can bond over their recent comas?

More to come soon!



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