“Force Cult” Episode 56

A slow news week can’t slow us down as it only leaves room for more of our shenanigans.

With Rebels off for a while we’ve replaced our Rebelution segment with the ever so popular Interrogation, where listeners submit basic to extremely crazy and personal questions that we HAVE to answer. We will be doing this every week so any time you think of a questions for us, submit it to ask@forcecult.com. We can only get to a few per episode so please give us plenty to pull from.


Reel Talk:

  • Will Rey be a Jedi in Episode VIII?
  • The legacy line and why people keep trying to link family

Black Market:

  • Gifts from Japan
  • What’s in stores
  • Attack of the nine-foot Star Destroyer toy


  • We answer listener questions… to a fault

Last Words:

  • You asked for it and we’re gonna give it to ya: an upcoming new project from all of us.
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