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Set photos for Star Wars: Episode VIII reveal Ahch-To and Millennium Falcon sets!

The Daily Mail has a massive gallery of set photos from Star Wars Episode VIII. The biggest revelation of these photos is of course none other than the Millennium Falcon, but what is also interesting is that we can clearly see the “Jedi steps” that we see Rey climb in The Force Awakens. We know that Luke was looking for the first Jedi Temple; I don’t know about everyone else, but this sure does look like this could be it. There is also a very creepy tree on set, very Dagobah-like:

image image

I would bet that Rey will go through a vision in Episode VIII similar to Luke’s in The Empire Strikes Back during the cave scene. That tree could play a big part in that. The overall set looks just like Skellig Michael with a few additions such as that tree. Now let’s talk about the Falcon.

image image

The Falcon is exactly the same as we saw it from The Force Awakens. It’s looking stunning, that’s for sure. It also looks like the Falcon could be at the same spot that we left it in The Force Awakens.

image image image image image image image image image

These are amazing set photos and only add to the hype of Episode VIII. I’m definitely enjoying the build up to the film.

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