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The Star Wars Podcast Awards were a while back and our listeners as well as the amazing Star Wars podcasting community had the opportunity to vote for their favorite podcasts in 16 unique categories. The results are in, and we’re overjoyed to have won:


Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! We are so pleased to be among such great nominees as “Coffee With Kenobi,” “Star Wars Report,” “Geek Out Loud,” and “Rebel Force Radio!” It takes so much work to manage a podcast network but it would be nothing without the shows it’s made of. A special and huge thank you to “Now, This Is Podcasting!,” “Steele Wars,” “The Cantina Cast,” “Rebel Grrrl,” “First Order Transmissions,” “Force Cult,” and “Idiot’s Array!” Your hard work and dedication to this community has been recognized and you deserve it! On a personal note, thank you to everyone in the community who has been to receptive to both our podcast network and our new shows. We’ve worked hard on this and your love and appreciation is well received.


If you’re a regular Making Star Wars reader but haven’t yet listened to any of our podcasts, now’s the time to listen to your peers and give it a shot!

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Listen to the entire Star Wars Podcast Awards show and give the winners a shout out!



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