Filming at Malin Head is about to begin on Star Wars: Episode VIII. Actors and photos!

The big news of the day is that Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, and Mark Hamill all landed at Belfast International together. The logical assumption would be to think all three will have scenes together, but you never know what they might be filming.

Hamill waved and greeted fans at the airport, while both Ridley and Diver tried – in vain – to conceal their identities.

You can see a lot of the images here.  Pretty fascinating to think Rey and Luke might confront Kylo on Ahch-To in some way. Eventually you would think Kylo would figure out where they are since he saw the location in Rey’s mind and doesn’t seem to have a hard time tracking the Falcon.


The BBC confirmed the sightings and comments on the structure that some think looks like the Falcon on the set out there.  Our buddy Gemma Clark sent us a few pics she took a day ago of the set and activity, including the Falcon or the faux Falcon:

You can see the last round of photos Gemma sent us here.

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