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Locket-sized photos of Rey, Kylo Ren, monsters and more from Star Wars: Episode VIII!


We have a lot of photos sent our way from the recent filming in Ireland. Things can be hard to see and I apologize for that. I would say if that kind of thing frustrates you this isn’t the post for you and I totally get that. Our sources in the field did their best with the equipment they had and we’re thankful for that. Here is a round-up of sorts of the interesting images we have seen so far.

This first one is interesting as it is Kylo Ren and Rey. At one point they seem to be sort of standing together in an affectionate stance. I’m not sure I would read too much into that just yet. Judging by the people around the set, I would say that it’s between takes. It appears as if Kylo has his mask on for this part of the shoot:

A guy is taking a spear-type weapon to the guys in black:

A headless creature suit (we think):

So there you have it. Some tiny pics from Star Wars: Episode VIII.

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