“Force Cult” Episode 66

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It’s time to execute EPISODE 66!

GG isn’t with us this week but will return next week to keep us in line, or try anyway.

Jeordie had a Birthday! What did he get?

Reel Talk

  • Character names/bios
  • Stormtrooper doll
  • Deathtroopers
  • Saw Gerrera/Clone Wars connection
  • TFA comic Issue #1


  • Star Wars VR
  • Unnamed game set around Rebels/ANH
  • Next Battlefront (TFA?)

Black Market

  • MAFEX Rey and Vader
  • General toy talk and ranting


  • Fav non star wars toy line when you were a kid?
  • How does Vader poop?
  • What’s something you wish you could do but can’t? Like a job or skill
  • Favorite fast food?