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27 New photos from Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Dubrovnik sets!

We were sent some pictures from the Dubrovnik set that we don’t think have surfaced elsewhere before.

I’m hesitant to think the guy with the Royal Guards is Luke Skywalker (as was rumored by people who saw him at the time). I’ll let you make your own call on that.  The guards are probably cosplayers but why they’re walking with a cast member is beyond us. Update: these are satirist on location and as we suspected not real on that front. Enjoy your 26 photos instead of 27.

The early stuff we have heard about the new guards in Star Wars: Episode VIII has the masks very different with a wider visor down the face of the masks in concepts. You can also see a tank turret of some kind and some fancy extras in this series of photos.

Enjoy the photos:

Meanwhile on Imgur some really nice photos have surfaced from the Dubrovnik streets and a better look at the turret up close:

Pretty surprised to see so much Dubrovnik stuff surface today, but it is always nice to get another look!

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