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Michael Giacchino to compose Rogue One: A Star Wars Story score

The Hollywood Reporter says that Alexandre Desplat will not be scoring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story due to scheduling conflicts because of the extensive reshoots that went down over the summer. Michael Giacchino will instead be brought in to score Rogue One. While reshoots were always planned for Rogue One it appears the intensity upset schedule for Desplat.



THR writes:

 The reshoots also altered the scoring calendar and Desplat, who won an Oscar for The Grand Budapest Hotel, was no longer available. Disney and Lucasfilm then turned to Giacchino, who has a long relationship with the studio and its various divisions.

Giacchino scored the music for the renovation of Star Tours at Disney Parks as well as many of the Bad Robot productions.

For Pixar, the maestro created the music for Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up (for which he won an Oscar), Cars 2 and Inside Out. For its live action film division he’s worked on Sky High, John Carter and Tomorrowland. For Disney Animation this year he scored its surprise hit Zootopia. And he’s making his Marvel Studios debut with Doctor Strange, which opens Nov. 4. (With Rogue One, he will end up working on all four of Disney’s film arms.)

A while ago we heard that Desplat might be out and that contracts were not signed yet so they were talking to two other composers. Giachhino was a name we heard back then. So I find this development interesting and perhaps inevitable. However, Desplat said he was doing the film and the end cards at the end of the theatrical trailer even listed Desplat as being the composer. It was strange to me how these things were not ironed out.

We lost Desplat but gained Giacchino who has been said to be someone who could be John Williams’ successor. That’s pretty cool really. I am a fan of his work and I dig his Star Trek music in the new films too. This will once again change the tone of Rogue One but in a very good way.

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