New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story images and character descriptions!

Entertainment Weekly has got more new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story content today. An exclusive look at the new Topps Star Wars Card Trader base series 4 cards has given us a first look at some new characters and more information about some quickly growing fan favorites!

Thanks so much to Anthony Breznican for bringing us this cool sneak peek! Keep your eyes and ears on EW for more on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

An unnamed X-wing pilot. This lady seems to be a skilled pilot, as the “V” symbols on her helmet are each representative of 20 kills.


General Merrick. I love the blue colors on his helmet!


Moroff (a Gigoran) breathes with the help of a respirator (the atmosphere back home must be different in some way) while hauling heavy munitions on his broad frame. Moroff likes trouble. He’s a mercenary, and trouble is where the money is.


You’ve heard of rare blue lobsters, right? While Admiral Ackbar is the traditional lobster red, these Mon Calamari are a pale blue color.


Here we see Edrio Two Tubes and his brother (also known as an “egg-mate”) Benthic. Which is which? Edrio has the Rebel flight suit-looking chest plate. They’re mercenary pilots from the Empire-occupied world of Yar Togna, and they get their nickname (obviously) from the breathing apparatus that helps them breath human-friendly atmosphere.


These interesting looking beings are pilgrims on the Force-sacred world of Jedha.
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