Rogue One’s Tony Gilroy makes millions off reshoots

The Hollywood Reporter has a very interesting story out this morning with some details about the work Tony Gilroy put into Rogue One’s reshoots.

Gilroy, writer of several Bourne movies and director of best picture Oscar nominee Michael Clayton, first was brought in to help write dialogue and scenes for Rogue’s reshoots and was being paid $200,000 a week, according to several sources. That figure is fairly normal for a top-tier writer on a big-budget studio film. But as the workload (and the reshoots) expanded, so did Gilroy’s time and paycheck.

THR says due to the large amount of time Gilroy spent working on the reshoots and his expanded role, his paycheck will likely end up more than $5 million.


Gilroy started on Rogue One in June, and by August, he was taking a leading role with Edwards in postproduction, which lasted well into the fall. The reshoots are said to have tackled several issues in the film, including the ending.

We’ve already heard one of the things changed in the reshoots was Bodhi Rook’s role and we’ve heard for quite some time about changes to the end of the film so it sounds like Gilroy was really put to work. It’s nice to hear he’ll get compensated for his efforts but surely this getting out is not what Disney had hoped for. However, Disney and Lucasfilm’s continued efforts to downplay the reshoots on Rogue One have gone largely ignored by fans and overall anticipation for Rogue One is still very positive.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is out December 16th.

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