“The Cantina Cast” 157: Rogue One listener comments and questions

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Mike and Joao are back with more Rogue One talk and as promised, listener feedback and questions all about Rogue One!

In this episode…
  • Rogue One opening weekend box office numbers
  • Critical review for Rogue One
  • Krennic asks Vader if he’s still in charge and what it means
  • Listener comments
  • Were the Star Destroyers a little off in our opinion?
  • Would we like to see a Star Wars Story between V & VI?
  • Will Rogue One bring in new fans to Star Wars?
  • I am one with the Force and the Force is with me… free will?
  • Did Gareth outshine J.J.?
  • So many different aspects of Star Wars can be enjoyed differently by everyone
  • Tarkin & Leia CGI in 3D issues?
  • Depth of the Rebellion–not just a bunch of choir boys!
  • Was Rogue One violent enough?

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