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Star Wars: Episode VIII cockpit photo from the salt flats in Bolivia? is reporting some second unit work for Star Wars: Episode VIII. The photo is from Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, which is the world’s largest salt flat. The site claims it can confirm the news is real and the photograph is convincing enough. According to the site, the work was conducted by a second unit for Star Wars: Episode VIII last June. While the filming there is news to us, we can see how this could be transformed into another location we have heard about from Episode VIII. 

The recordings would have lasted for about 2 days, we previously told you about 4 to 5 days. Perhaps the production prepared the area the other days.

The production used many lights to give a characteristic tone to the scene filmed since in the salar there is an appropriate time to be able to record.

We have reconfirmed that the image above is authentic and reaffirm that it appears to be the cabin of a ship.


It almost looks like the cockpit is on a rig, unless that’s the body of the ship or forced perspective. The site also mentions that none of the actors were there but they used locals as extras for the filming. Provided this is actually for Star Wars and all the information is correct, the cockpit seems to take reference from the classic B-wing’s cockpit.

More soon!

You can read more about the location here.

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