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Is Woody Harrelson’s character named “Beckett” in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story?

I just woke up to several texts from friends saying that on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Woody Harrelson revealed his character’s name. People that caught the show are saying Woody says his name is “Beckett.” He then supposedly goes on to say he’s a mentor to Han Solo and a criminal-type character. The last two tidbits fit with what Variety initially reported about him to some degree but Harrelson adds that he’s filming on Solo until July. Considering the age difference between “Beckett” and Solo, it makes sense he would be a mentor type.

“Yeah, I play a guy named Beckett who is kind of a criminal and a mentor to Han…. I’ll be there until the end of July.”
So there you have it–Woody Harrelson is Beckett!

Thanks to Force Critic for the additional heads-up!

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