Star Wars Land

Life-size AT-ATs to be a part of Disneyland’s Star Wars Experience!

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Over the last year Disneyland and Disney World have started construction on the “Star Wars Experience” (once nicknamed┬áStar Wars Land), and if you live in California or Florida, then you probably have seen the giant space opened up for it. It’s been just a giant construction area but now we get a first glimpse on what we can expect to see. Twitter user @Mouseinfo tweeted a picture of what seems to be the start of a two life-size AT-ATs: also spotted the life size AT-ATs and recorded what it looks like:


Based on the construction photos of the AT-ATs, you can only really make out the stomach of the vehicle, which looks absolutely massive. If you’ve been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios then you probably have seen the giant AT-AT in front of Star Tours. I am assuming that’s what we’ll be seeing at┬áthe Star Wars Experience, but they could potentially be much taller. Thanks to Slashfilm for the heads-up!