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Sing Street star Ian Kenny joins the cast of the Han Solo Star Wars Story

Variety has a new exclusive report that star of 2016’s Sing Street, Ian Kenny has joined the cast of the yet untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story.

Kenny played the bully Barry in Sing Street, and it’s not hard to see how he fits into a Star Wars flick about a bunch of gang members and smuggler types with that particular look. Variety reports that no details are known yet about Kenny’s role in the film, but regardless, so far it’s been spot on with its Han Solo casting news, and it’s safe to say we can begin to speculate about the role.

I personally hope we get quite a motley crew in this film and since we now know it spans a decent sized amount of time, there’s plenty of room for Han to encounter lots of interesting comrades and unsavory types. Perhaps Kenny will play a part in Beckett’s crew?

Han Solo will hit theaters May 25th, 2018.


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