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Our first look sketch of porgs from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Please do not share the details of this article openly on social media and spoil Star Wars: The Last Jedi for those that want to remain spoiler free. These are very general spoilers but let’s respect other fans’ wishes and not spoil those that do not appreciate spoilers.  Be cool!


This week I was able to team up with my local lumberjack to bring you guys something really cool. The lumberjack and I then began the intense process of chopping away at the details of the “porgs” from copious notes I had taken on the new creatures. At the end of the process, I felt like Nick and I had done it. After I looked at what Nick had drawn, we threw my notes in the fire because they were useless. We had the porgs.

If you haven’t been following my investigations into the new creature, I’ll fill you in. Porgs are creatures from Star Wars: The Last Jedi that inhabit Ahch-To. They’re a part of the ecosystem of the planet and are sacred creatures from the sound of things around the set last year. Luke Skywalker seems to care for the creatures and there is a connection between the creatures of the planet and the Force. There are moments where Chewbacca and Artoo-Detoo interact with and care for them.

Some of the porgs have a small amount of additional coloring. I believe perhaps the male porgs have orange feathers on their head and the females do not. Here is a really solid look at a porg thanks to the art stylings of Lumberjack Nick as dictated by me:

Porgs of Ahch-To

Porgs as seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The creatures are adorable. The puppets are complex and they look really cool and lifelike in the film. The eyes are solid black but somewhat reflective. Obviously, give some leeway to the style in which they are drawn here, but that is what a porg will look like.

I think this closes down our investigation of porgs until more (if any) story details come out. They’re not creatures we have ever seen before and they’re exclusively a part of Ahch-To. I hope you enjoyed seeing what a porg will look like in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the work Lumberjack Nick and I did to bring the best representation of them to you.

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