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A few untitled Han Solo story cast and character names and more!

May the 4th be with you! Today we have some news on untitled young Han Solo story’s casting and the names of the roles from the the film. As always the names could be code, but the information is pretty reliable. We recently heard about Mother Proxima, Val, and Dryden Vos.  Today we have three more to add to the list (it would be four if Woody Harrelson hadn’t dropped his character’s name of “Beckett” already).

Today’s confirmed list of characters and actors: 

Rebolt – played by Ian Kenny

Moloch – played by Harley Durst

Moloch’s Henchman  – played by Tien Hoang

We have also heard about “Gremm” and “Emlys Nest” in relation to these characters. We aren’t sure if they’re planets, places, or characters. It could really go either way. It almost sounds like a planet and a location to me but that’s just a wild guess.

Ian Kenny was first rumored by Variety back in March. The actor is primary known for the movie Sing Street where he plays a bully-turned-roadie for a high school rock band. (I recommend the film if you haven’t seen it–it’s on Netflix.) Harley Durst appears to mainly be a stunt performer known for the X-Men films. Tien Hoang seems pretty new to performing with his credits starting in 2015.

Characters we think we know will be in the Han Solo film so far:

  • Han Solo
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Chewbacca
  • Beckett
  • Val
  • Mother Proxima
  • Dryden Vos
  • Rebolt
  • Moloch
  • Mooch’s Henchman
  • Gremm?
  • Emlys Nest (if it should be possessive it could be a character but it sounds like a locale)

We’re really excited for the untitled young Han Solo story. I mean, a Han Solo movie written with Lawrence Kasdan is coming out. That’s really exciting and really rad. I never thought the guy that wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back would one day write a young Han Solo movie. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. This is the Star Wars film I’m the most excited for right now because it is going to be really fun. I loved Rogue One and I think this fun film is likely to complement it well.

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