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Photos of Han Solo and more from the untitled Han Solo story!

TMZ has posted pictures of Han Solo from the untitled Han Solo story! If you recall we were hearing about pod cars and I think these may be them. The last one reminds me of Adam West’s Batmobile. I like the personality of the speeders here. Maybe they’ll put some Vaseline on the lens to blur out the tires? (Of course they won’t–that’d be silly–but it’s going to be cool to see these things “hover” when we see the film in the theater).

I’m glad that the costume looks new (at least I think it’s a new costume and not street clothes). I figure it was unlikely but the scale reference Han Solo from the concept art that hit eBay made me a little worried he would wear costumes we’ve seen him wear in the Original Trilogy. While that seemed unlikely, I’m just happy to know Han might get some new costumes.

Every day I’m more and more jazzed this movie is happening.

Check out the full gallery of photos at TMZ.

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