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Updated! Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s “space horse” has a name and some details

Please do not share the details of this article openly on social media and spoil Star Wars: The Last Jedi for those that want to remain spoiler free. These are very general spoilers but let’s respect other fan’s wishes and not spoil those that do not appreciate advanced information.  Be cool! 


Space horsing around

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi I have learned that the horse we used to call “The Space Horse” is actually called a “fathier.” They’re race horses. As we’ve noted previously, Canto Bight has gambling and we used to call it “the casino planet.” Well, the fathiers are high-dollar “race horses” on the world. The beige/brown falthiers were glimpsed last summer during filming on location in Dubrovnik. The head of the horse is sort of like a cross between a tauntaun and and the luck dragon from The Neverending Story. 

Last summer a friend in Dubrovnik told us about the filming and sent us some photos as well. This combined with some new information, I have learned that the sequence begins in the stables. Finn and Rose appear to be on the run, chased by men in “luxury speeders” and the Star Wars equivalent of tuxedos or formal wear.  Finn and Rose duck into the stables and they’re met by an alien that tends to the stables. Inside there are jockeys too (someone has got to ride the falthiers). Finn fast-talks the guy as they steal the falthier and race away on the stolen steed. They’re eventually engaged in a fight with the speeder and the fancy Canto Bight guys. After they defeat the guys in the speeder thanks to Rose, they ride up into a coffee shop or cafe and meet their contact as scheduled.

Let’s get a Canto Bight to eat

The cafe is like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory–bright colors of space beans that look like candy, to be honest. I saw it once and it was like a neon Starbucks. I really can’t do it justice but just know it was bright and sugary. The food inside looks like jelly beans but I don’t think that’s the intent.

So there you have it: the “space horse” was called a “fathier” during filming and I’ve had it confirmed the name has stuck so this information is likely be really solid on the name of the horse.


I mentioned on the podcast but not the article that we heard “Fathier” but “Falthier” more.  Now it looks like Richard Garret Jr has a confirmation for us of “Fathier.” I edited the article above to reflect the correct spelling. There we have it. Check it out:

MATTIS BANZ knows that he’s meant to be a hero of the galaxy like the legendary Luke Skywalker, and when General Leia Organa’s Resistance recruits him to join its efforts against the evil First Order, he finally has a chance to fulfill his destiny. But the rest of his squadron doesn’t seem very promising. Sure, there’s the Zeltron girl Lorica, famous for her exploits foiling evil smugglers, but there’s also the swamp boy named Dec, who seems to enjoy causing trouble; Dec’s “brother,” a droid who thinks he’s a pilot; Sari, whose imposing size contradicts her sweet nature; and Jo , the stuffy group leader with secrets. How is Mattis supposed to be the next Poe Dameron when he and his squad mates spend more time in trouble than flying X-wings? The team will have to learn how to work together when the going gets tough, or they won’t be going anywhere. . . .

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Thanks, Richard!

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