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Episode 185 – Now, This is Podcasting! Exclusive info on the droid from Visceral’s Star Wars Game!

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Join Jason, Randy, and Sal for the latest episode of “Now, This Is Podcasting!”

On this week’s show: Exclusive info on the droid from Visceral’s Star Wars Game! Ron Howard to direct young Han Solo and Ron conducts an interview with Mark from Funko!

  • Ron Howard to direct young Han Solo
  • Visceral’s new Star Wars Game and the importance of Alderaan

NTIP! Exclusive Scoop on the new R2-inspired droid from Visceral’s Star Wars Game and her powers!

  • Doc is the droid owned by Dodger, the game’s main character.
  • He stole her and she’s his field medic.
  • She travels on a rolling base covered by a cylindrical body. The original design was based on McQuarrie’s Artoo design, the same design that inspired BB-8.
  • However, the big difference for Doc is that her head docks to her body allowing her to detach and help in interesting way. Doc will presumably heal you in-game.
  • Her body is white. The detailing (like where Artoo is blue) is red. She has a disc antenna on top of her head like Chopper.
  • In concept art she uses the claw arm attached to her head to pickpocket a stormtrooper.
  • She is featured in all main cast group concepts.
  • Doc’s head detaches and floats around Dodger’s shoulder, hacking doors and healing him in concept art.

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