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Lawrence Kasdan Arrives at Heathrow Airport

Writer in England to Supervise Han Solo Shoot?

Lawrence Kasdan arrived at Heathrow Airport today, presumably to begin working on the Han Solo standalone film. After the week that production has had it makes sense Kasdan would make sure the transition flows as smoothly as possible while Ron Howard figures out the film they’re going to make with his team at Lucasfilm.

Photo finds Lawrence Kasdan at the airport

JP snapped this photo of Kasdan at Heathrow today while he picked up his sister:

Lawrence Kasdan

I mentioned he looked a little grumpy in the photo and JP said:

Haha! Nah! The photo lies he didn’t seem grumpy just tired. He’s obviously had a tough few weeks!

It seems pretty plausible that Kasdan is arriving so he can supervise the shoot as the head writer on the  film. If the rumors are accurate that he was desperately unhappy with the alterations Phil Lord and Chris Miller were making, it is a good thing he’ll be there to assist Ron Howard in bringing his script to life and making the best Han Solo movie they can make.


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