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Our sketch of two Star Wars: The Last Jedi theatrical posters that may come this October!

We recently got a look at a few poster concepts from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Between my notes and some recent leaks we were able to do a fairly faithful recreation of two of the posters under consideration for the theatrical posters that will come with the final trailer in October. I worked with Sharna and we meticulously went over every detail for the past week and I’m happy with retelling of these posters. If there’s interest perhaps we will do the other two posters mentioned in our original article. We did not bother to recreate the poster credits as I didn’t write all that down, instead deciding to concentrate on the art during my note taking process. Here’s a look at a couple Star Wars: The Last Jedi theatrical posters.

The hero poster concept:

The antagonist poster concept:

We cannot promise that either of these concepts will appear in your local theater in October. In our follow ups about the concepts we heard all four posters would be coming and that only one would be the main poster. In other words, we don’t really know concretely and the details are somewhat conflicting.

Thanks again to Sharna for her extreme patience and dedication to getting this right.

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