From the Prequels to the Sequels!

 Making Star Wars is a group of Star Wars enthusiasts based in San Francisco and Anaheim, California. Most of us have been friends for years and regularly hang out at Disneyland, repeatedly ride Star Tours, and discuss Star Wars during those nearly weekly visits. Our understanding of and enthusiasm for Star Wars is not limited to a set of films. Most of us were born at that magical point where we consider both Episodes I-III and Episodes IV-VI to be our Star Wars as we were just the right age to catch both trilogies theatrically. Now we look forward to the next chapters in the thrilling saga of the Skywalkers and  the universe they inhabit (as well as their bizarre allies and enemies).

We started our first Star Wars blog in August of 2012, mostly to discuss and share behind the scenes photos, as well as our thoughts on our favorite television show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Our Tumblr blog grew and grew until we had several thousand daily readers. Then in October 2012, when we learned the Episodes VII-IX were coming and two spin-off films were also on their way, our weekly discussions became daily. That news fanned the flames of our passion for Star Wars and we decided to begin our podcast to share our conversations and engage with other Star Wars enthusiasts.

Now, in this current age of Star Wars, with several new films on the way, our heads are about to explode with excitement. With Star Wars Rebels hitting in 2014, Episode VII hitting in 2015, and standalone spin-off films hitting in between the episodic installments, we have a lot to talk about and share with other Star Wars enthusiasts.

The Team:


Jason Ward


Jason Ward is the editor-in-chief and content supervisor of Jason co-hosts Now, This Is Podcasting!

Amanda Ward

Website Administrator, Public Relations

Amanda is the administrator of She occasionally contributes content as well as handles public relations and media inquiries for Amanda is married to Jason and mom to Luke Danger and the forthcoming Penny Rebel (May 2015).

Randy Lo Gudice

Co-host Now, This Is Podcasting!

Randy is editor-in-chief of and co-host of Now, This Is Podcasting!

Johnamarie Macias

Contributor, Co-host Now, This Is Podcasting!

Johnamarie is a content contributor for and the owner/writer of

Ron MG

Editor and Content Contributor: Collectibles

Ron is an editor and content contributor to He loves Star Wars because it is the definitive modern day mythology and…because it has the coolest toys!  Ron is still waiting for the day when engineers finally build a real lightsaber.

Sal Perales

Contributor, Co-host Now, This Is Podcasting!

Sal Perales is a Star Wars fan/composer/martial artist who can be found about the internets dressing up with his wife and kids as the Rogue Rebels. He really likes Star Wars. Like REALLY.

Jesse Tschopp


Jesse’s first memory is of seeing “Return of the Jedi” in 1983. He’s worked in television, commercial, and video production as well as dabbled in indie publishing before deciding to return to school.



Josh is a huge Star Wars fan, lightsaber owner and contributor to You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Andrew Riehle


Andrew is a content contributor for by night and a Recording Engineer by day. One time Andrew was 3 feet from Mark Hamill. It was magical.

Elaine Tveit


Elaine is a Star Wars fangirl, Lord of the Rings enthusiast and book lover. Elaine contributes articles and thoughts to

Brian Piekut


Brian is a snazzy dude, lifelong Star Wars fan and contributor to Making Star Wars.

Mark Seyb

Music Coordinator

Mark has been a Star Wars fan since it first came out in 1977. Back in the days before VCRs, the only real way to relive a favorite movie was to listen to the soundtrack, which fueled his love of film music ever since. He has two kids and a wife who love him very much.


Not only does Mark coordinate the music for Now, This is Podcasting!, he also contributes to

    Steven Lewis

    Graphic Designer

    “Louie” aka “Big Lou” aka “Lou2D2″ is a Graphic Designer from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Married, with two young padawan learners.