Pete Morrison
Pete is a writer, reader and lover of all things Star Wars and genre. A contributor to, he is the editor in chief of and the co-host of the Rebels Report, a Star Wars Rebels podcast.
Sal Perales
Contributor/Co-host Now, This Is Podcasting!
Sal Perales is a Star Wars fan/composer/martial artist who can be found about the internets dressing up with his wife and kids as the Rogue Rebels. He really likes Star Wars. Like REALLY.
Jesse Tschopp
Jesse’s first memory is of seeing “Return of the Jedi” in 1983. He’s worked in television, commercial, and video production as well as dabbled in indie publishing before deciding to return to school.
Saf Banner
Guest Contributor/Sitting Guest Now, This Is Podcasting!
Saf is a writer, photographer, and Twitter Jedi Master from New Zealand. A contributor for, she can also be found at her own blog,
Mark Seyb
Contributor/Music Coordinator Now, This Is Podcasting!
Mark has been a Star Wars fan since it first came out in 1977. Back in the days before VCRs, the only real way to relive a favorite movie was to listen to the soundtrack, which fueled his love of film music ever since. He has two kids and a wife who love him very much.
Jonathan Baker
Jonathan is an engineer, an electronics nerd, an occasional photographer, and a lifelong Star Wars fan. By day, he crash tests airplane seats. By night, he reads, writes, and talks about everything Star Wars. A reviewer for MSW, he also co-hosts the Legends and Lore podcast on the Far Far Away Radio network.
Tim is a lifelong Star Wars geek. His favorite books are the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels. He also loves movie soundtracks and hosts the Kessel Run Radio and ScoreTracks podcasts. If you say you don't like John Williams, JJ Abrams, or Brian Tyler, prepare to be corrected.