August 16th, 2013 Keith Koth 

074 (2)Well done Hasbro, well done.


It is hard to compare this Sandtrooper to anything that has come before it. Its accessories are astounding, the detail work looks professional, and the overall armor is nothing short of 11/10. Out of the first wave, and the previews of figures in wave 2 and 3, this figure is the one to get.

This is the figure that we have all been waiting for, excellent sculpt, wide variety of movement, great center of gravity, detailed armor work from bucket to boots – trust me when I say Hasbro has just raised the bar.

I have never been one for troop building, or even care about the difference between joint articulation on 3 3/4 scale figures, but this figure makes me want to grab five of them and just go for it. You can really go all out with this figure and create great poses that hold their place and are stunning to look at.

The only negative aspect of this figure is that we now know where the standard in quality should be at and it is sad to say that I think this will be the best figure we will have for quite awhile. I hope that the 6″ Stormtrooper will come with more than just a blaster rifle, but the preview at Celebration Europe II has it appear that that is the only accessory that it will come with. Same can be said for the recent in-box reveal of 6″ Wave 2 Greedo, who only comes with a blaster.

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It is not a wonder why this figure will the the hard to find one in the Black Series.

It has once again recently sold out at Amazon for $19.99, but I would bet that it would find its way back fairly soon.

Remember, they’ll soon be back and in greater numbers!