Boba Fett Black Series SDCC/CEII Exclusive

I was one of the few who was able to snag a Boba Fett Black Series exclusive via the Wednesday following SDCC.


First, if you were not able to get one, don’t fret! The same Boba Fett figure will be released in series two of the Black Series 6” line and Han is also, reportedly, soon to follow. So the only exclusive content in this is actually the packaging itself. All together this is a very well designed and visually appealing box set- very minimalistic and great detail work.The figures themselves are fairly stunning.




022First looking at a Star Wars 6” figure gave me the odd feeling of being shrunk down to a seven year old. It makes the 3 3/4” scale truly appear to be a toothpick in comparison to the size of these new figures. Seeing the increased amount of detail Hasbro was able to pull off sadly puts their 3 3/4” line to shame.


I must admit I was primarily interested in the Han in Carbonite as we have not seen one from Hasbro since The Power of the Force. I love it! The details on Han would make it a great figure to display by itself. I was most impressed with the sharp details on Han’s hands and they really emerge from its base quite a bit and hold a great realism about them.



Boba Fett was also very impressive, mostly due to his well crafted armor. This kind of armor work makes me look forward to the 6” Stormtrooper also being released in wave two. The soft goods look great and really make this figure make it appear worth its price tag. I really do hope we see soft goods used very frequently throughout this line.



The accompanying accessories, rifle, pistol, and jetpack, also look well done. I am happy to say good bye to the monotone painted guns and odd splotches of sliver and black for a far more refined looking arsenal.

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I hope this figure set is an indication of the quality that is to come. I am also very pleased that Hasbro is making these figures available in the coming months as these will easily be some of the most sought after sculpts of the product line.

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