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Could Will Poulter be in Star Wars Episode VII?

There is speculation that Will Poulter could be in Star Wars Episode VII. Any young actor, around twenty years old, fitting the descriptions of the casting call should be looked as a potential new cast member. If you enjoy speculation, which this is, this one is sort of fun. Just remember, this is not anywhere near the realm of possible yet. Just a few things line up that are worth considering on a slow Star Wars news day.

will-poulter-maze-runner-alh-030513Star Wars Aficionado Magazine points to this interview which could raise an eyebrow:

METRO: Do you still live at home in west London?

POULTER: I do but I’m sort of between different places at the moment. I’m, er, moving into a new area for the shooting of a new movie. That’s all I can say. I can’t tell you what it is or where I’m going for months yet, possibly even next year because it’s a bit of a hush-hush one.

Poulter’s words do not scream Star Wars, but they certainly do not scream this is not Star Wars. There are any number of huge projects coming up in for the Summer 2015 release dates he could be involved in. But I still have to say good job to Star Wars Aficionado Magazine for keeping their eyes out and potentially pointing out the first hint this young actor could be in Star Wars Episode VII.

As Star Wars Aficionado Magazine points out, he certainly does fit this description:

“Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking.”

All of this really takes me back to the internet in 1997, when were waiting for Episode I casting confirmations. I know some find it agonizing, if not annoying, I love it.


Other huge movies Poulter could be in:

Star Wars 7
Avengers 2
Fantastic Four
Pixar’s Inside Out
The Adventures of Tintin 2
Assassin’s Creed
Mission Impossible 5
Hunger Games
Avatar 2
Terminator Reboot
Bond 24
Finding Dory
Independence Day 2
Superman Vs Batman


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