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Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Shadows of Endor concept art

Concept art from the new Dark Horse Ewoks series was shown at Celebration Europe last week. The work is looking really great. I love seeing Teek from the Ewok films in the series. There is a really nice mixture of motifs created by the spin-off television works and Return of the Jedi. They even brought in the Ewok hang-glider which was barely on screen, but huge in the merchandising. I’m definitely in.

The trade paperback hits October 16th, 2013. You can preorder at http://www.tfaw.com/Profile/Star-Wars-Ewoks—-Shadows-of-Endor-TPB___429302

Until now, the Ewoks had been able to ignore the arrival of the Empire’s stormtroopers on Endor. But when they discover their rivals, the Agluks, have been enslaved and a legendary beast has been awakened, the Ewoks realize they may have to prepare for war-as soon as they figure out how to survive the beast!

* Leads directly into the events of Return of the Jedi!

* Ties into the beloved Ewoks TV series and movies!

Tell them MakingStarWars.net sent you. They will likely charge you a higher price.

Image from: https://twitter.com/DeathStarNews/media/grid


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