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Disney Parks: New Star Tours, 3D short film, and speeder bike attraction! is reporting some pretty huge Star Wars news today. Remember, none of this is official news.

First, Micechat backed up earlier reports that Star Tours will get new destinations in 2015, which is really cool if it pans out, especially since it is based on Star Wars Episode VII content! That prospect is really thrilling, as new adventures can be placed into the ride with nearly every new film hitting theaters over the next five years or so. That was originally part of the plan back in 1986 but it never happened until the ride was upgraded for Star Tours II. Now it appears that original intent will guide the ride’s future.

The bigger news is that Captain Eo will be replaced by a new Star Wars 3D adventure movie! The possibilities are endless, but I am more than excited by this prospect. I assume the new short film will run around twenty minutes, just as Captain Eo and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! did. News about this short film is something we are looking forward to in the future.

As the Disneyland 60th anniversary winds down in 2016, a new Speeder Bike attraction is going to be placed onto the old People Mover tracks. For the 60th anniversary Disney does not want too much construction going on, so that is why these rides are going to take a bit more time than one would think was required. Micechat also says none of these attractions will be announced at D23 this weekend, because the accounting side of things is still in flux. Basically, D23 was scheduled at an inopportune time for theme park attraction announcements. So D23 is going to presumably be all about the films this years, which is fine by us. lucasc3poGeorge Lucas and his old pal, See-Threepio.

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