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Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi is back for Star Wars Episode VII?

August 16th, 2013 by Jason W. Ward

Since the announcement that Star Wars Episode VII was hitting in 2015, Ewan McGregor has said time and time again he is up for returning to Star Wars. In more than one interview, McGregor has expressed that he would love to come back and he would love to have a standalone spin-off film, even going as far as to say they could do a film about his time in the Tatooine wilderness. So this morning’s Latino Review story isn’t exactly world shattering news, at least not conceptually. But it is good news, none the less, especially if it is true.  I love Ewan McGregor and his take on Obi-Wan was top-notch work.


The actual news from this story is that Latino Review is saying “I have confirmed this with three close sources that are on the project and they all confirmed to me that Ewan McGregor would be back as a Force Ghost in the upcoming sequel trilogy.” Three sources is pretty solid on Latino Review’s end. Now hopefully some sources outside that circle can confirm it as well. Unfortunately, we’re not to that part of the game yet and we likely won’t be until sometime in middle of 2014 by my estimation.

When I look back towards the prequel trilogy era, the stories that were true were always confirmed by at least two separate disparate sources, that were both proven by official sources like the Star Wars Insider (such as the Jedi Starfighter looking like the Falcon’s cockpit in Episode III). The confusion stems from the fact that once an outlet like Latino Review leaks some solid info, it can just be copied and apparently corroborated in a sensible fashion by someone making the same claim. So it takes another proven source saying the same thing to confidently accept any spoilers revolving around Star Wars.Until that happens, it is best to keep expectations in check. Essentially, without official information coming out, we can never actually figure out if a source is accurate.

And as always, nothing is confirmed until Lucasfilm says so via one their various outlets, mainly StarWars.com

I do not exactly get why people are confused about the idea of Obi-Wan Kenobi appearing young, as a ghost, in the new film. We know it is because Alec Guinness is dead and cannot possibly come back as old Obi-Wan. I will say, I think when you hit the point where a ghost has “realistic” parameters it must stick to, you might be over thinking the fantasy a little too much. Maybe being around Anakin again, as a young man, brought him spiritually to a more youthful place? Whatever the reasoning, don’t let the fantasy be ruined by “realism” when it comes to things that do not exist.

I do hope if Ewan McGregor returns, Hayden Christensen as Anakin also returns for one more outing as the Jedi who saved the galaxy. Seeing Yoda, Anakin, and Obi-Wan together again, would be a great thing to behold. Especially since I think there is a good chance Luke Skywalker will be joining them, since both mentors, namely Qui-Gon in Episode I and Obi-Wan in Episode IV died as the next generation took over on the hero detail for the galaxy.

I really want this story to be true.

Jason William Ward – is editor-in-chief of MakingStarWars.net @MakingStarWars


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