Star Wars’ Ian McDiarmid is back as Palpatine! Kinda…

For those wondering if he would play Darth Sidious again, I think the answer is “yes.” He’s playing Darth Sidious in the new Star Wars: Angry Birds game.

Latino Review recently reported that he was back for the new Star Wars Trilogy coming in 2015. We reported on the story here. All of their rumors from the recent months have come true, Ben Affleck is Batman, for instance. McDiarmid’s participation with Star Wars in the recent months is certainly painting a picture he is back with Star Wars. He never voiced Palpatine for a game or cartoon and now he’s doing Angry Birds II! It kind of paints a picture that he’s in the fold again. Perhaps part of his contract meant he had to do these other gigs?

Wouldn’t it be cool if he were also doing Star Wars Rebels? I still really want to see Tim Curry doing Palpatine, but if we can get the real deal, I would not be upset.


I enjoy all of McDiarmid’s work and I dig the Angry Birds games. I’m jazzed.




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