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J.J. Abrams to supervise the Star Wars standalone spin-off series as well?

StarWars7news is reporting that J.J. Abrams is set to become the driving creative force behind all new Star Wars:

I heard from sources close to Abrams that his involvement with Star Wars will be huge. For now he may only be directing Episode 7 but also he will supervise and consult all other side projects from the franchise – games, spin-off movies, TV series etc. And while Kathleen Kennedy will be the managing core of the franchise Abrams will be the creative core through which everything will pass.


Star Wars VII composer John Williams with Star Wars VII director J.J. Abrams.
Star Wars VII composer John Williams with Star Wars VII director J.J. Abrams.


It seems very likely to me this story has merit. For starters, just look at how much TV and other things Abrams’ Bad Robot is involved in. They do tons of work every year. On that front, it makes sense to take on Star Wars in the same capacity. We probably will not have confirmation on this for a very long time if the report is accurate. The standalone spin-off films are set to release in between the Skywalker saga episodes, in other words, a year after Episode VII.

I like the idea that there could be a solid singular creative force behind this new era of Star Wars, bringing an overall consistency to the saga like George Lucas did. It makes a lot of sense for Abrams to look over the live action television show. I always say, if Abrams did two Star Trek films and that wasn’t even really something of deep, nostalgic, personal interest to him, you would think he would do more than one Star Wars film, especially if it isn’t too taxing on his soul.

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