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Making Star Wars: Fun Fact! Dack is Boba, Boba is Dack

John Fass Morton not only played Dack, but he played Boba Fett in the sequence in which Boba Fett mutters the famous line “he’s no good to me dead!”

Clearly, this man thinks he can take on the whole empire all by himself.
No Good to me Dead
He’s no good to me, Ted. Who said anything about “dead?” Do you think I’m a psycho?


Bonus Fun Fact: Jason from MakingStarWars.net has coincidentally, contrary to popular opinion, accidentally, with no intent at all, walked into restrooms with Logan, Bulloch, and Morton. In other words, he may hold a record for going to the bathroom with Boba Fett.


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Jason Ward (EIC)

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