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Star Wars Orange Harvest: Disney Teases Star Wars Cantina

UNPACKING THE CRATES: ComingSoon.net is reporting that D23’s floor has something called Star Wars Orange Harvest being teased right now. As many Star Wars enthusiasts know, BLUE HARVEST: HORROR BEYOND IMAGINATION was the code name used for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi to throw people off the Star Wars scent when filming in Buttercup Valley for the skiff sequences.

To me, it seems Star Wars ORANGE HARVEST is a pun on the fact that D23, Disneyland, and the Anaheim Convention Center is based in Orange County. But then again, Florida has an Orange County too, I think. The orange crates clearly are meant to tease a new Star Wars attraction using Orange County’s historic past. The Imagineering logo indicates an attraction, I would say. It clearly is eluding to the Cantina bar.  47764_10151634135367979_78191515_n D23_Expo_2013_5


We speculate that each container represents an idea that is in the works at Disney’s Imagineering.

  • Delicate Instruments Extremely Fragile – (Cantina Band)
  • Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes –  (Cantina Band)
  • Fragile Glass, (other side of the box) Bantha Milk 12 Bottles (Drinks for the Cantina)
  • Lightsaber Assortment, Lot of 12: 6 Blue, 5 Green, 1 Purple (Jedi Training Academy Revamp?)
  • Artoo has escaped.
  • Contents 1 Protocol Droid C-3PO (note this box is upside down  C-3PO)
  • Class A Thermal Detonator – Lot of 24


InsideTheMagic.net also posted some clarifying photos and an interview:


The interview can be found here: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oEhUoduzXg]



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