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Twitter: Something historically relevant to Star Wars Episode VII has occurred!

First there was this Tweet from the very nice Lucasfilm publicist that had to tease us. It burns a little, but we totally understand. Most of all, it is fun, right? Notice that Tracy Cannobbio hash tagged it Star Wars, which confirms she wasn’t on one of those buzzes you get when you start a new band. Well, from the sound of it, the Star Wars band might have got their new lead singer, so to speak. So once again, we get it. Something great happened over at Lucasfilm.

The movie sites started to echo out with this bit of gossip:

So it certainly is sounding like some has been cast and Lucasfilm’s publicist is on the case! Hopefully Lucasfilm gets to announce it before the movie scoop sites get to do it. Either way, I can’t wait to put a face to a part of Star Wars Episode VII!

Don’t worry, Boba’s on the case:


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