Star Wars 6″ Jedi Force?


A few days ago I ventured into my local Target and on my way out of the toy section I happen to spot something I did not expect- 6″ Jedi Force figures. I had not heard about this line from anywhere so I was fairly surprised to find Obi-Wan, Vader, and Rex (all of wave one) sitting in front of me.

Much like the new 6″ black series figures, I am very fond of these new, larger toys in place of the smaller 3 3/4 line. In addition to their size, they also pack a new feature- squeeze their legs together and their righ

t arm will chop down. Admittedly, this chopping action looked

very odd for Rex as he only had a gun, but Vader and Kenobi performed admirably. My 5 year old daughter was with me and adored them. These do appear to be showing up in most places, and I am hoping we might be provided with some new 6″ scale vehicles soon if this line proves to be a success (as the current Jedi Force Falcon is horribly designed, and I don’t have the pockets for a “vintage” line Falcon for $200).


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