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Star Wars Episode VII: An old villain returns with an old friend we didn’t know about?

Today’s juicy gossip was supposed to hit last night but was delayed by Latino Review for some reason. Now they have posted their story, which rings true with some other things we have heard as of late. But once again, this is not official and could be entirely inaccurate. Nothing is official until says it on their website or one of their employees makes an announcement.

Latino Review:

-Palpatine comes back as a Force Obi Wan. (Sith Lords learned similar techniques, which in some cases allowed them to physically interact with their environment.)

-Palpatine will not be a clone, not in human form.

-Palpatine had a new apprentice before he got killed.

We actually discussed this last night on our first recording for Now, This is Podcasting! Does it make sense for the Sith to have such an ability? They are supposed to be focused on the physical plane, whereas the Jedi are more ethereal and spiritual. But, Darth Sidious was Darth Plagueis’ apprentice and he is a product of his teaching. So it does make sense for him to pick up on some of his quests and teachings.

The apprentice bit is something we have heard before and we actually talked about last night on Now, This is Podcastng! as well. After the Starkiller, Ahsoka, and Ventress, and even Maul, we know that the Sith take on accoltyes that are not “Sith” until they actually become the number two on the totem pole, so to speak. After all of those stories we’ve recently got after 2005, a new apprentice we didn’t know about seems really possible. It is worth noting that this is not the first time we have heard a story about Palpatine having had another devotee or acolyte for Episode VII. 

What took the new bad guy 30-50 years to finally get his act together? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!


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