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Star Wars Episode VII to be filmed on 35mm film Kodak film stock 5219

Cinematopgraphy Daniel Mindel worked with Abarms on Mission Impossible and Star Trek. Today he confirmed Star Wars Episode VII would be shot on film. This information was provided to us today via the BobaFettFanClub on the Twitter Droid. Abrams prefers to shoot on film apparently. It makes films more expensive though, especially when digital work needs to be conducted. When a movie is already digital, it is easier to begin digital work on sequences. When a movie is shot on film, digitization is required and that costs money and takes more time away from the production. It could actually be an indication that the film will have significantly less digital work than Episodes II and III. However, The Phantom Menace was also shot on film (with the exception of the scene where Anakin has his blood drawn by Qui-Gon and one sequence in the Jedi Temple at night), but it used a lot model work with most of the digital creations coming via animated characters.  Admittedly, it might mean that Abrams is used to the old ways and nothing more.

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Thanks to the BobaFettFancClub for sharing! Also thanks to the WookieGunner for the heads up!




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