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UPDATE: We were contacted by Harriet Lassen and asked to removed the Lego 2014 set images. She said the images were watermarked (which I couldn’t see at their tiny size, to be honest) as preliminary images. We are honoring their request, of course. has reported on the new Star Wars Lego 2014 preview book that has hit the on-line form Mint In Box. This preview book has apparently most, if not all, of the new Star Wars Lego sets slated for next year. Click through to see the scans.

Battle Packs:
Death Star Troopers (75034)
Kashyyyk Troopers (75035)
Utapau Troopers (75036)
Battle on Salecumi (75037)

Recruitment Line Sets:
Clone Turbo Tank (75028)
AAT (75029)
Millennium Falcon (75030)
TIE Interceptor (75031)
X-Wing Fighter (75032)
Imperial Star Destroyer (75033)

Regular System Sets:
73038 Jedi Interceptor (Anakin’s Yellow) (73038)
V-Wing Starfighter (75039)
General Grievous’ Wheel Bike (75040)
Vulture Droid (75041)
Droid Gunship (75042)
AT-AP (75043)
Droid Tri-Fighter (75044)
Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon (75045)
Coruscant Police Gunship (75046)

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