Star Wars Rumors: Production start date, behind schedule, and a Christmas release.

Today we have some interesting rumors regarding when production begins and when the release date will hit. The rumors are coming Latino Review who has had a recent streak with breaking the news from Rocket Racoon’s casting to Ben Affleck as Batman. There has been a lot written about why a Christmas release seems unlikely, specifically by Bryan Young at StarWars Examiner. The one thing I’m left conflicted about in their report is that production begins on a Tuesday because of the U.S. MLK holiday. But do Americans using a British crew in England get to observe that day when in the U.K.?



The meat from:


First day of principal photography is January 21st 2014.

That seems entirely likely, as we were expecting a January start date all along.

We are also hearing that the Disney/Lucasfilm are so far behind schedule that Episode VII will in fact be released around Christmas 2015…

There is always a chance that BadAssDigest and Latino Review have the same source and that source is not correct, it does happen. But as of now, we have two separate “scoop” sites saying the same thing and one of them has been on the money a lot recently.

When it comes to spoilers at this point, we at just have a “wait and see” perspective. What else can you really have?

Latino Review has now reported:

  • Harrison Ford has been cast as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been cast in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Zac Effron and Ryan Gosling have been cast in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi is back and played by Ewan McGregor again in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Darth Sidious is returning as a ghost and played by Ian McDiarmid in Star Wars Episode VII.  
  • Star Wars Episode VII production will begin January 21st, 2014.
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Like we always say, nothing is official until or Lucasfilm announces it.

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