Star Wars Tip for Tumblr Users

The Star Wars tag on Tumblr has to be one of the most active tags for films. It’s constantly being updated by fans, uploading personal content, graphics and GIFs related to Star Wars. Some might even say it’s too active. It’s hard to keep track of posts and scrolling back the timeline is just too much of a hassle. So how do you find quality Star Wars posts? By quality posts, I mean cleverly edited graphics and GIFs made on Photoshop or other various editing programs. Here’s a little known secret: check out the “sw edit” tag.

Star Wars on Tumblr

An ingenious Tumblr user and Star Wars fan created the concept, most likely because the original Star Wars tag was inundated with repetitive material and personal posts. To separate quality posts from your everyday normal post, the sw edit tag was born. There, you will find talented fans uploading various edits that involve our favorite films and characters. You’ll definitely want to refer to this tag when Star Wars: Episode VII trailers are transformed into GIF sets and graphics in the near future.

Also, make sure to check out the “cw edit” and “swr edit” tags for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels edits, respectively. So the next time you want to escape the hullabaloo of the Star Wars tag, hop on over to the sw edit tag to find something more pleasurable to the eye and support your fellow Star Wars fans.

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(via The Wookiee Gunner)


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