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My hope is that Sansweet sharing this morning’s news that ABC is in talks about doing a television show is really positive news.It lets me know that there is a strong intent to do this or it would be kept silent. It could be something new (i.e. not Star Wars Underworld), but I don’t see why they wouldn’t go with a show that already has three seasons of scripts written by top notch writers, storied by George Lucas, completed concept art by ILM, and animatics of action sequences completed by George Lucas, Ben Burt, John Knoll, and Dennis Murren. 

Disney, ABC, and Lucasfilm are all subdivisions of the same company now. The old problem with Underworld was that at 5 million per episode, if the network didn’t own part of the show, it wasn’t a solid investment for them if it tanked. So no one was willing to risk it (cowards!). Now there is no risk, the network essentially gets to own the show outright. 

There is always a chance the people involved originally will return as well, such as Ronald D. Moore.

I’m hopeful!