The Force Awakens

The Star Wars blog cassually mentions Han, Luke, and Leia are returning

How much more evidence do we need that Han, Luke, and Leia are back? Not much more, I’d say. We’re ready for that announcement now.


Check out this text from SDCC:

GEEK Star Wars Roundtable Live! – 5:00 p.m. Room 7AB
Sense a great disturbance in the Force? Don’t worry, it’s only the cover story of GEEK magazine coming to the stage of the San Diego Comic-Con as panelists convene their own Jedi Council roundtable to discuss their new hopes for the saga and the astounding developments in a galaxy far, far, away. Kyle Newman (director, Fanboys), Steve Melching (writer, The Clone Wars), Christian Gossett (artist, Tales of the Jedi), Jonathan Rinzler (author,The Making of Return of the Jedi), and GEEK founding publisher Mark A. Altman (writer/producer, Free Enterprise) discuss the return of Han, Luke, and Leiathe prequels; the end of The Clone Wars; and J. J. Abrams’ epic challenge as Star Wars strikes back.


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