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Yes, we know Latino Review ran a Star Wars Episode VII casting bit

Everyone and their Uncle Tony wrote in today to inform us that Latino-Review ran a story stating  Rachel Hurd-Wood is trying out for the part of the daughter of Princess Leia and Alex Pettyfer is trying out for Luke Skywalker’s son (since according to them Ryan Gosling did not accept).

Mother, can you hear me? Here my silent command! -Rachel Hurd-Wood
For this film, I’m kind of going for a POTF95 look. – Alex Pettyfer

As I have said before, I have solidly heard that Latino-Review has not had a story that was accurate yet. So we’re standing by that notion for now. We are not saying that Latino-Review is lying to you or means to do anything of that sort. Of course, I’m not getting every single thing that runs through the internet shot down (or will ever hear anything ever again for that matter). And I don’t want to overstate anything. Could this news be accurate and the old news be inaccurate? Yeah, it could be. I have no idea!  But I do know that as of yesterday, they had not nailed anything yet. At the very least, I’m finding this all very entertaining.

It is interesting that they claim it was confirmed (for them) via representation. But it doesn’t really do anything for us because we can’t see that evidence or examine it.

Anyways, it was nice to hear from your Uncle Tony.


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