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A Boba Fett Movie is An Opportunity to Bake a Half-baked Character


For some people, Boba Fett is a mystery. That mystery works in two ways. It makes you either love him and his iconic design or it makes you wonder why anyone cares about him in the first place. I feel like I have a foot in both camps. As a four year old with his action figure, he was the most fun toy in the line. He had a rocket pack, it didn’t matter if you lost his gun because he had a wrist rocket. But as an adult, looking at Boba Fett, especially from the perspective of “what have you done for me lately,” the answer is not that much on screen, really. When we you read books with Boba, you don’t get to appreciate his design.

I love what Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars have done with his character. I believe he’s ripe for a great story. The prequels dropped his arc and we did not get a follow up in Revenge of the Sith. The Clone Wars was “winded down” before it got to tell his arc about what happened to him after he went to prison. I think the best opportunity for Boba Fett awaits in this origin story film. It is what will make him a great character. I mostly feel he is a half baked character with an excellent design. So if we should round him out, give him a cool story, we will have a character in line with the greats like Darth Vader.


Back in February of 2013, Christopher Rosen had reported a piece for The Huffington Post in which he claimed: Boba Fett “would have his own film as well, which would take place between “Empire” and “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.”” This sort of goes in the face of what we learned last week when we found out the spin-offs were origin stories. The report could have been wrong, the story could have changed, or only the first film will be an origin story and the Boba film will not be. I am assuming it will be though, as the origin stories line came from an Disney official.

If the new spin-offs are origin stories, that is really far out for Boba Fett. A movie between Episode V and IV is around 22-25 years after we were introduced to Boba Fet in the linear story-line. Boba was introduced to us in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. At that stage he’s somewhere around twelve or thirteen. Then we follow his story into The Clone Wars where he is hellbent on not only making it in the galaxy, but exacting revenge on the Jedi that murdered his father on the Geonosian battlefield.

To qualify a film as Boba Fett’s origin story, we have to see him become something. That means he has to become elevated from what we saw of him in The Clone Wars. It always seemed as if Boba getting his Mandalorian armor was something The Clone Wars was going to take care of eventually. Boba wears drastically different armor in The Clone Wars than the gear he is famous for.

I would have to assume for a Boba movie to qualify as an origin story, he has to get his armor, or complete his first huge bounty, or something that defines the man we saw in Episode V. He has never been a shallow character, he has just always perpetually been unfinished in tone and vibe.

I really do want to see Boba fly out of that Sarlacc pit too. Until they do something about that, he will always fit into a weird place where you know he’s cool but his death was so dopey, it makes you wonder if it was worth it all.


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