Casting for Young Han Solo Underway? Ewan McGregor Not In Episode VII Yet.

Right after the confirmed by Disney news that the new Star Wars spin-offs will be “origin films,” we are hearing that Han Solo is being sought after for the spin-off prequel film. Bleeding Cool says says the description is very basic and is “about as useful as “Han Solo, but young.”” According to them a casting call “was created, agencies listed the role as a situation vacant and actors started to get in line,” but they have no idea if anyone has read for it yet. If this report is accurate, I agree with Josh Wilding of Bleeding Cool that they are probably just looking at candidates as this stage (if the information is even accurate).

Insiders say he is the likely candidate for the role of young Han Solo. He’s been playing the role for most of his life.

The potential news out of this story is not so much that they’re casting a young Han Solo, but that the Han Solo film is coming before the Boba Fett film, something we weren’t sure about. We still don’t know who is writing the Han Solo film, Simon Kinberg or Lawrence Kasdan. But I think Kasdan is more likely as Kinberg is working on Star Wars Rebels, which would imply he has the time to be spread around right now.


(Source: Bleeding Cool)

News has also dropped that Ewan McGregor has not been approached to play Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode VII. I suggest seeing Ewan say it in his own words in the video. But for practicality, here is the quote from the article:

“They haven’t phoned me yet,” McGregor told me at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his new ensemble drama, August: Osage County.

But if they do, he said, “I’d be up for it.”

Hear that, J.J.?

(Source: eonline)


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